Karla Face Charts Review

Hey Dolls,
This is a post for the make-up artist/serious make-up enthusiast.
Today I am reviewing the Karla Charts by Karla Cosmetics. These are available through Crownbrush.

I have been a massive fan of Karla Powell and I am pleased that the Illamasqua Distinction In Make-Up Awards has made her even more popular. I have been after some quality face charts for ages after becoming sick and tired of the M.A.C ones and when I heard she was releasing these I snapped them up ASAP.

They come in two sizes, A4 and A3. Both have plenty of space for jotting down what products you used and where you used them. I got them in both sizes as I like working to different scales and the A5 ones look genuinely adorable.

I love the shape of the design on them and love working on them. They come in a cute notepad which is easy to work from as opposed to them all being loose. You get 35 face charts for £11 for A5 or £13 for A4.

They hold pigments very well, it is very easy to blend colours on them. I really recommend them.

This is a side by side comparison of the A4 and A5. The A4 chart offers a far larger working area but for ease of use and personal preference I do prefer the A5 size. 
They are fantastic quality and I find the face shape lends itself well for creating feminine editorial looks and male grooming looks as it is quite androgynous in its proportions which is fantastic for an MUA such as myself who creates a lot of drag looks. 
I can’t rave about these face charts enough. I find them 100x better than the MAC charts  in terms of design and I can’t wait to try Karla’s newly released “All In One” Face Charts. Their design looks incredible. 


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