Lime Crime Velvetines VS MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers

Hey dolls.
This is a post I have had a tone of requests for as I use both of these products a lot in my work.
This is an honest comparison of Lime Crime’s Velvetines and MUA’s Velvet Lip Lacquers. There is a HUGE price difference between these products (£10.50 to be exact) so I was very interested to see how they compare.
I have the MUA Lip Lacquers in Kooky (dark purple) and Criminal (hot pink) and the Lime Crime Velvetines in the insanely popular shade Red Velvet (bright blue based red). 
Both are packaged in similar tubes with doe foot applicators but I was VERY shocked to discover you get more product in the MUA tubes. Shocking considering the velvetines are over £10 more expensive. 
I found the applicator on the Velvetine gives much more precise application which is needed as the velvetines are a thinner consistency. (Which can be a bonus depending on your preference). 
Here are some swatches of the colours. Red Velvet by Lime Crime on the top. MUA’s Kooky in the middle and MUA’s Criminal at the bottom. 
All three are equally opaque which really shocked me. MUA’s Lip Lacquers are much more of a cream than a liquid and take around five minuets to fully dry. Lime Crimes Velvetines are much more fluid and are dry within two minuets. 
Both last incredibly. The only time either will budge is if you eat or drink something very oily (please do not drink oily things as that would be vile). 
Now we come to the tricky area of price. You can buy Velvetines by Lime Crime in the UK for £13.50 from however….you can buy MUA’s Luxe Lip Lacquers from most Superdrugs on the highs street or online for £3 and I hate to say it there is not a huge difference in quality. Yes the Velvetines look FAR nicer in terms of packaging but paying £10 extra for a pretty box and tube and then getting LESS product feels a bit like a con. 

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