Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lip Collection Review

Hey darlings.
Today I am reviewing the complete Scandalous Lip Collection by the relatively new brand Makeup Revolution. 
I got SO excited when I heard of this brand and even more excited when I saw this collection of brightly coloured lip sticks. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered I could get all FIVE colours for £4!!
The collection consists of Vice (Pumpkin Orange) Immoral (bubblegum blue) Crime (Bright berry pink) Felony (NY Taxi Yellow) and Depraved (bright blue toned violet). 

The packaging reminds me a LOT of the MUA lipsticks except with these the little pot of colour is on the top of the tube rather than the bottom. 
Left to right: Depraved, Vice, Crime, Felony and Immoral.

The colours are true to how they looked on the site. All looking bright and beautiful. Whilst Felony and Immoral are not going to be standard day wear for about 85% of the population they are brilliant for clubbing and photoshoots. 

This is how the colours look swatched. Vice, Depraved and Crime are all incredibly pigmented and creamy. They really feel and look like they are worth £15 rather than £1 each. Felony and immoral are harder to review. 
Felony: (yellow) is VERY chalky and sheer in pigmentation. It highlights every little dry patch on your lips and shows up cracks you never knew you had. It would be a disaster to use for photographic work. 
Immoral: (bubblegum blue) is much more pigmented than Felony and far smoother. However it does feel mildly drying. This would be a fantastic dupe for No She Didn’t by Lime Crime however it isn’t as pigmented or as creamy.
Depraved: (violet) HOLY CRAP. I LOVE this colour. It’s a gorgeous bright violet shade that is creamy and opaque in one swipe. It is long wearing and genuine purple lipstick perfection. Seriously. Buy. It.
Crime: (Bright Berry Pink) Although this is quite a dark pink it is INSANELY bright. It applies like a dream and is gorgeous and opaque. Another one I LOVE. 
Vice: (pumpkin orange) This really appeals to the Sharon Needles inside me. It would be perfect for a Halloween inspired make-up look (pumpkin eyes and lips? Erm..YES) but equally perfect for everyday wear for the autumn and winter. It is certainly one of the most pigmented shades (second only to Depraved) and is very long wearing. I am going to get a lot of use out of this colour. 
I can’t recommend these colours enough. You can buy the whole collection for £4 on their online store. They are really high quality colours and Vice, Depraved, Crime and Immoral certainly match the likes of Lime Crime and Illamasqua lip sticks on pigmentation (although maybe not formula and creaminess) 


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