Lush Ocean Salt Review

Hey Dolls,
Today is my long awaited new Lush post. I am reviewing their face and body scrub Ocean Salt in its new self preserving formula. 
I am a HUGE fan of Lush products, I love the fact that they are fresh, cruelty free and all natural. I also love that they are comparatively really cheap compared to a lot of natural cosmetics. 
I have heard a lot of people say amazing things about Ocean Salt so I decided to pick it up when I was in my local lush store. 
The main ingredient in this product is, surprisingly enough…sea salt. Which is fantastic for the skin and is renowned for its healing properties. Of course salt is VERY drying so Lush added in a load of different butters and oils to keep the skin soft and supple. 
It smells amazing. Seriously. Kind of like a cocktail you’d have on an exotic beach… It smells strongly of citrus (I personally pick up the smell of limes) coconut and the sea breeze (probably due to all the sea salt). It does work amazingly as a face scrub however due to the salt and alcohol content I only use it every other to every three days. 
I know Lush do have an Alcohol Free version online but I much prefer to see and try something in store. 
This is certainly one of my new faves from Lush. The smell is divine and it keeps your skin smooth and feeling fresh. 

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