MAC Matte Review

Hey Beauties, 
Today is my first MAC Cosmetics post since I started this blog. Personally I have never been a fan of their products for personal and ethical reasons. Let me start by saying MAC is owned by Estée Lauder  which does test on animals. I am also not a fan of MAC because I believe a “professional” brand should not have to rely so heavily on celebrity endorsements. My clients do not care if Rihanna designed their lipstick or that Nicki Minaj designed their eyeshadow. I feel it cheapens the range. 
I do really like the black packaging with the white writing. It looks sleek, professional and elegant. It certainly doesn’t grab your attention on the shelf but then I could say the same for all MAC packaging. 
The product itself is packaged in a clear squeezy tube with a precision tip. I do really like the packaging and I love that you can see exactly how much you have left. HUGE bonus. You get 25ml of product which considering the average size of foundation is 30ml is quite a lot. You need a TINY amount of product to cover the entire face or just selected areas that are prone to get oily (e.g the T zone). 
There are very few ingredients. Nine to be exact. Most of which are silicones. 
The main ingredients are Dimethicone (a silicone) Isodidecane (a hydrocarbon which makes products more blendable and feel lighter on the skin) and Trisiloxane (a broad spectrum UV filter.) 
You can use it under foundation as a primer, on the eyelid to prime the lid for eyeshadow OR over foundation to act as a liquid setting powder. 
This is a great product which has SO many uses. I feel like it will last me a lifetime too. 

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