Boy Epic Tell Me Lies Review

Hey Guys, 
As promised I am reviewing the latest film by independant artist Boy Epic. His latest project is titled Tell Me Lies which has been teased on social media the last few weeks with some frankly awesome promotional posters. 
From the posters I got a bit of a Romeo & Juliet vibe which sort of translates into the storyline. (if Romeo & Juliet challenged films like Hostel for swearing). 
The film has a different vibe and arc than his previous trilogies (Skynova and Who Is Parker Banks?) focusing more on visual imagery than music as it sadly loses the 3 songs tying in to each part of the film format.
One thing I have always loved about Epic’s art is the fact he is not afraid of offending or to push boundaries. There is nothing like opening a short film with a waterboarding scene to concrete that sentiment. Again, like everything he has put out before the cinematography and direction is FLAWLESS. As are the locations and characterization.
He is also a very talented actor. I have worked with many models and actors in my career as a makeup effects artist  and few could convey “dark and sexy” as well as Epic. In fact everyone in this film plays their part to perfection. 
The one song in the film “Tell Me You Love Me” is hauntingly sung and beautifully written. Again testament to his skill as a songwriter. 
The whole film is superbly scripted. The only fault I could give is that the blood in the film is alarmingly pink in some scenes (but then I am slightly OCD when making my own fx blood). 

Please be aware the film contains scenes of violence, disturbing content, mild nudity and strong language.

You can follow Boy Epic on YouTube, Twitter (@Boyepic) and Facebook.

I really hope people get behind and support this unique and talented artist.



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