My Most Played Albums

Hey Guys!
As I have had SUCH an awesome response to every music related post I have done I have decided to list my five most played albums. These albums are my personal favourites and the ones I keep going back to time and time again. It also shows what a weird contradictory taste I have in music.
5 Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster
Remember when Lady Gaga focused on writing songs with good lyrics rather than self absorbed lyrics with bad wordplay about sex and drugs? Me too, I miss it dearly. I love the gothic theme and industrial pop beats. She was by far at her vocal and lyrical best on this record. Every single track is a standout and I LOVE it. 
 Top Tracks:
Bad Romance.


Check out the video for Bad Romance below.

4 Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
Look up the definition of “sugar pop” and you will find a picture of this album. Pop music doesn’t get cheesier or more nauseatingly cheerful than this. In fact, dare I say it is so sweet it could rot your teeth and give you diabetes. However it is the reason I have grown to love it so much. It is just perfect to run to. In fact I defy anyone to think “Why am I putting myself through this just to stay fit” with Katy singing about having sand in her stilettos and wanting to see a guys peacock (yes really). 

Top Tracks:
Teenage Dream
Who Am I Living For?
3 Natalia Kills: Perfectionist 
This is one of my all time favourite records. I am obsessed with it. Who knew songs about murdering your ex and monarch mind control could be so damn catchy? Kills has a unique voice and an impressive range. She is an impeccable songwriter  whose lyrics angle towards the dark side…which is unusual for a pop singer. Every song is a masterpiece and let me tell you, this is one HELL of a break up album
Top Tracks:
Kill My Boyfriend. 

2 Motionless In White: Creatures
This has to be one of my all time favourite albums. I adore the album art, the lyrics, the vocals, the music. It is pretty much the perfection of a metal album. I love the Tim Burton inspired lyrics and the chaotic and atmospheric synth. It is such a well written and composed record (with the exception of the rather lackluster City Lights). Certainly one for anyone who’s a fan of gothic music or culture. 
Their single Creatures also has one of the best conceptual music videos I have come across. 
Top Tracks:
Undead Ahead.
Immaculate Misconception.

1 Marilyn Manson: Holy Wood (in the shadow of the valley of death)

This has to be one of my all time favourite albums. EVER. I love how intricately the theme runs through not just the lyrics but the music and album art. It is one of the best attacks on modern culture imaginable. It is just a sad fact that all these years later it is still relevant. Every track is cinematic and epically produced and it sets the stage perfectly for Manson’s macabre tale. It is certainly Manson’s best album and I would wager one of the best rock albums written. 
Top Tracks:
The Nobodies.
Disposable Teens.
The Fight Song.
The Love Song.

So there we go guys, these are my top five favourite albums. Are any of these favourites of yours too? Let me know in the comments.


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