Lush Sweetie Pie Review

Hello Beauties.
So as I mentioned in my last post I have recently started working at Lush and today I am reviewing one of my favourite smelling products. Sweetie Pie. 
One of my favourite things about Lush is the fact that they come out with some really unique products and their shower jellies have to top the list for me. 
It is such a bizarre, fun product. It smells divine. Very similar to The Comforter bubble bar. One thing I will say, the smell brings to mind blackcurrants much more than cherries.
It is a gorgeous royal purple filled with glitter and exactly like a great big plate of jelly. It can be quite hard to use as it is so slippery but you cam chop it up in to cubes and little pieces in advance (much easier than trying to tear it). 
You can use sweetie pie as a shower gel or shampoo and as one of the main ingredients is seaweed it is very softening to the skin or hair. 
I love the quirkiness of this product and feel it would be a great gift for kids as well. 

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