Lush Noir Henna Review

Hey Dolls,
So since I have begun studying what goes into products I have made a conscious effort to cut out as many chemical and synthetic ingredients as possible and so I decided to get my hair cut short to remove my poor chemical damaged hair and switch to natural henna dyes. 
I decided to go with Lush’s henna brick in the shade Noir which is a blueish black shade. 
Lush’s hennas come in a solid 325g block like this
Shade Noir

You chop or grate the amount of henna you need and mix it with boiling water and stir until you have the consistency of melted chocolate and then apply it to clean, dry hair.

(Please do a skin test prior to colouring as, unsurprisingly the main ingredient is HENNA which can cause severe allergic reactions. )

This particular shade contains Indigo which is what gives the colour its dark intensity so you can cover your hair to stop the indigo from oxidising if you wish for a lighter tone or leave it uncovered for a cooler, darker tone.

I leave the henna on for about six hours until it is set SOLID and rinse it out with warm water. If I can I avoid using shampoo to wash it out I will as the colour will continue to deepen and develop for over 24 hours so I wish to avoid stopping that from happening. 

This is my hair naturally. A medium brown with golden highlights and red undertones.
This is my hair after using Noir. It is MUCH darker and cooler in tone which I love. Also my poor camera was very confused by the level of shine my hair now has. It is in fantastic condition.
I am in love with henna dyes but there are a few points I need to mention before you rush out and buy one:
Henna is a commitment. Once you have used a henna dye you can not go back to a chemical dye until the henna has been cut out of your hair. Henna and permanent dyes DO NOT MIX.
Secondly henna will not offer full grey coverage. 
That really is it for the negatives for me. I personally love this coulour and am going to stick to using natural colours. The condition they leave your hair in is indescribable. 


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