MADARA Daily Defence Cream Review

*This product was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at all opinions are my own.*
Hey dolls,
Today I am reviewing a product I was SO excited to receive as it promised to help with something I suffer with all year round; the dreaded dry, flakey skin.  This product is by one of my favourite skincare brands, the up and coming MADARA. 
This is how the product is described:
This all-over-body, hand & face balm helps skin dryness and roughness, protects skin from raw winds and cold. Vitamin-rich Northern cloudberry and sea buckhtorn oils soothe, hydrate and restore skin barrier providing softness. Helps to cure chapped lips and cracked heals, softens nail cuticles, and can be used as a soothing cream for the little ones.Gives comfort to your skin in winter as well as summer weather.
EFFECTIVENESS TESTED IN ARCTIC WEATHER To test the effectiveness of DD cream in truly extreme conditions, the MADARA team went for a challenging trip to the North and organised a photoshoot outdoors beyond the Arctic circle, in Lapland. The new DD cream protected the team’s skin, lips and hands from the cold and wind.”
You get 60ml of product which seems like a fantastic amount to me as the standard size of a moisturiser is roughly 50ml. It will also last a HUGE amount of time too as it is very very concentrated. 
Like every MADARA product I have tried I adore the packaging, simple, natural but sleek and stylish. It slightly reminds me of Dermalogica in terms of packaging. 
You need the tiniest amount of product to reduce visible dryness, the amount of product on my hand was enough to coat my lips and the sides of my nose (the driest parts of my face). 
One of my absolute favourite things about this product is you can use it pretty much anywhere on the face or body, it also acts as an effective lip balm. 
After just one use of this product I saw and felt immediate improvement and after continued use I have virtually no dry skin at all. I really would recommend this product  as a miracle. It is no substitute for a good moisturiser however it is not marketed to be anything other than a skin balm and environmental shield PERFECT for autumn or winter weather.
You can buy the product HERE from for the bargin price of £15.  


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