Motionless In White Reincarnate Album Review

Hey guys,
Today I am reviewing the long awaited new album from the band Motionless In White which is titled Reincarnate. 
Whilst the album is not officially released until tomorrow the band have unveiled the album for online streaming via their website. 
They have teased the album for quite awhile by releasing two promotional singles the first Reincarnate and Puppets 3 (the grand finale). Both of which received mixed reactions to audiences online. 

Death March
Puppets 3 (the grand finale) (feat Danni Filth)
Everybody Sells Cocaine
Contemptress (feat Maria Brink)
Break The Cycle
Generation Lost
Dark Passenger
Dead As Fuck
Final Dictvm (feat Tim Skold)
Carry The Torch
I adore the album artwork and theme running through the album itself. Lyrically it is certainly a much more “mature” album than their previous efforts of Creatures and Infamous. In fact in terms of sound it is a mixture of both their previous full lengths. There are very heavy elements of Infamous but with strong nods to creatures (Dark Passenger and WASP).
I love the fact they have merged the Mansonesque industrial style of Infamous with the synth heavy and atmospheric creatures. The result is a much more polished effort. The lyrics are much more intelligent and mature than their previous efforts but have kept the vibes of menace and personal trauma. 
If this album were to have one fault it would be the fact the vocals lean towards being over produced on the tracks Wasp and Contemptress. 
I am aware many people online will react negatively towards the new sound. And I am certainly aware many will say “it sounds like Manson” “It sounds like Rob Zombie” “it sounds like x, y or z” and while there are many borrowed elements they have created a truly unique and atmospheric sound. 
Chris’s vocals have improved HUGELY since Creatures in terms of tone and range. It is lovely to hear more cleans from him as he does have a great voice. 
I certainly admire how the band has changed direction without worrying about losing fans or how critics or fans will react. And as such they have created their best album to date. 
I admit, many die hard metal fans will probably HATE this album. It is very synth heavy and is largely industrial in terms of style (don’t get me wrong tracks like Dark Passenger and Break The Cycle are true metalcore) but it is a sound and direction that works perfectly for MIW. 
Death March 10/10 
(This is how people expect Marilyn Manson to sound. It is angry, intelligent and atmospheric) 

Dark Passenger 10/10 
(A song about Dexter was guaranteed to be a hit and I love how, if for one track only, they hark back to their old sound. It is a fantastic track in terms of production, lyrics and it delivers some of the best vocals on the album)

Everybody Sells Cocaine 9/10
(This reminds me of Manson’s old hit The Dope Show. But instead of endorsing drugs it has the opposite effect. It is menacing, catchy and the epitome of industrial) 
I personally feel this is one of their best efforts to date, it is an album they have written for themselves and for no one else which they deserve nothing but respect for. 

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