Sugarpill Goldilux Review

Hey Guys,
Today I am reviewing a cult classic by Sugarpill cosmetics, their gorgeous Goldilux loose pigment. 
Like most Sugarpill products Goldilux is Vegan and not tested on animals. They give you an amazing 5g of product in the cutest little jar. 
Goldilux is SUPER pigmented and packed full of shimmer. Unlike most “gold” pigments it is not yellow, orange or bronze based. It is a true, vibrant gold that looks stunning with practically any colour. 
I love the packaging, the little plastic pots feel sturdy and I have a lot of faith in the lids which is a HUGE relief, I’d practically cry if I arrived at a shoot and found the bottom of my bag covered in precious pigments. 
I swatched the pigment over NYX Eyeshadow Base (white) because as this pigment is quite shimmery I feel you HAVE to use a base to prevent gold fallout. 
It would look amazing with SO many colours or as an eyeliner (simply mix a little pigment with a product like Illamasqua sealing gel or E.L.F lock & Seal). You can also mix it with products such as lip glosses or even use it on the body as a highlight. It is definitely a product to play with. 
It would look stunning on pretty much any skin tone at any time of year so if you are a make-up lover this is a product you have to purchase at some time or another. My only regret is I waited SO long before adding it to my kit. 

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