Interview With Robert William

Hey guys, 

Today I wanted to share with you this interview I took part in, a huge thank you to the lovely Mary who interviewed me in front of her entire uni class. I hope you enjoy and I hope this give you all a better insight into my head. 

What inspired you to start your blog and what continues to inspire you?

“Well, I guess I wanted a platform to network and to share my knowledge, I am in a unique position as I started training to be a MUA when I was about 8, so I wanted to share my knowledge of products with people. I guess what continues to inspire me is change, I don’t just write about beauty but also politics, music and life in general. I am a very honest person and I wish to be transparent with my readers.”

What gave you the idea for the name Gothinista?
“I decided to brand myself a ‘Gothinista’ as I am fascinated by the effect alternate sub cultures have upon popular culture, be it the 60’s hippy, 80’s punk or 90’s goth scene. The creatives are always the ones who bring about change and I wanted the name of my blog to reflect that but at the same time for it to be a bit fun and quirky. Not sure if I pulled it off though as so many people pronounce it wrong…”

Your skincare posts often have a ‘natural is better’ vibe, how important is natural skincare to you?
“Hugely, I loathe using chemical filled products on myself or others. I am fortunate enough to have secured a job with my favourite company of all, Lush. The people are so friendly and are absolute sweethearts so I hope to stay there awhile.”

Doesn’t it give you a headache working there?
“Everyone asks me that. Honestly, no. You get used to it very quick and it is just a general lovely smell. It is such a homely shop too. So I love it”

Other issues you are very vocal on are animal testing and gay rights, care to share your two cents on those subjects?
“Animal testing is a huge no for me. I hate it and am actively against it. I refuse to use products personally or professionally that have been tested on animals or that contain ingredients tested on animals. I would not say I champion gay rights, I would say I champion human rights. I campaign for us all to be equal and for people to think before they speak. I have been sent some truly hideous things by people online which I am lucky enough to find hilarious but they could be deeply upsetting to some people, so yes, I am an advocate for human rights.

Is it correct that you also have ties to the infamous LaVeyan Church Of Satan?
“I am not affiliated to them in any way shape or form. Religion and philosophy are of huge interest to me and in my teenage years I was deeply mesmerized by Anton Lavey and his writings. I would not say I am a devout follower or even a follower at all, but when I am asked if I am religious I always answer that I am a “LaVeyan Satanist” because I am curious to see how people react and how they approach the subject.

In your ‘secret diary of a male blogger’ post you jokingly compared yourself to Bridget Jones, so I wanted to ask what qualities you look for in a partner?
“Oh wow, I don’t think I look for anything in particular really. I don’t have a set type. I guess because I am very active I like athletic guys? Or at least a guy who’s in decent shape… As a general rule I like different, artistic or intelligent people. So my favourite people are usually writers, musicians, teachers etcetera. One of my best friends said on the subject of men “Have a dick, don’t be a dick”.

Would you ever consider becoming a YouTuber? 

“Loads of people want me to start doing YouTube but truth be told I do not have the time to dedicate to it currently. If I were to do it I would want to do it properly. So for the time being Gothinista is a blog only site. 

What do you expect for the future of your blog?
“Well I honestly can’t believe how much it has grown in a year so I have no idea. There are a few brands I want to work with which would be awesome to try and get involved with. I want to tackle YouTube and do some colabs too. I am also going to start recruiting some guest bloggers too which will be exciting. So I hope to continue to expand when I am able to do so.

*If you are interested in guest blogging please leave a comment with a link to your blog OR contact me via the contact form*


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