Lush Soak And Float Review

Hey Guys, 
Today I am going to be talking about a Lush product that has literally changed my life and saved my wardrobe. The incredible Soak And Float Shampoo Bar. 

Shampoo bars are up there with bath bombs for products that are completely 100% unique to Lush and I was really curious to try one and so I opted to try Soak And Float. 

Soak & Float is perfect for people who suffer from dry or irritated scalps. Whilst I do not suffer from either particularly badly I have to wear all black clothing six days a week so flakey skin is my biggest nightmare (especially as I have black hair). 
Within one use of Soak And Float I noticed immediate improvement and my hair has never been so soft or silky. Soak and float has a VERY strong distinctive scent which I personally quite like. It smells weirdly like a bonfire. Which is caused by its main ingredient, cade oil. 
The shampoo bars lather effortlessly and last for ages. They can last onwards of one hundred washes if looked after correctly! Which for £5.50 is incredible. 
Have you tried any of Lush’s shampoo bars? If so, what’s your favourite?

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