Below The Belt Male Grooming Review

Hey Guys! 
Today I am reviewing a collection of products that was very kindly sent to me by Below The Belt Grooming. This company really caught my attention as they are catering to a problem that no one has ever really done anything about, the problems men can face below the belt. 
I was sent all three of their products, Waterless Shower, Sports Lubricant and Fresh And Dry Balls. 
Waterless Shower:
What is it? It’s a gel cleanser for the male groin. 
This is how the product is described:  

At the end of the day, and you are going out straight from work, at a festival, on a long haul flight or just going to bed, this product cleanses you instantly so you are good to go. No need for a shower, it is instantly absorbed and effective. It will REFRESH.

It is a refreshing cleanser that makes you feel much fresher on the go. It would be 
amazing traveling or on city breaks. I am forever going places straight from work and working on night shoots at obscene hours so this particular product is a life saver. The only thing I would say about this product is to men who shave, I would NOT use this if you suffer from razor burn as I imagine it might sting. Besides that, it does exactly as it promises.

Sports Lubricant:
What is it? A clear lubricant designed to protect and reduce chafing.
 If you run, climb, cycle, play golf or ramble this smooth non drag product will prevent chafing or unnecessary discomfort. It PROTECTS.
This product is my absolute favourite. It is a life saver. I am a big fan of running and maintaining a very active lifestyle. Nothing is worse than going for a long run and hours later feeling the start of chafing. It is sore and outright unpleasant. This is a clear, mess free lubricant that you apply to any areas that are prone to chafe during exercise. It is absolutely perfect for guys like me who are fans of working out and keeping fit. It protects and moisturises the delicate, thin skin and effectively stops any workout related discomfort. 

Fresh And Dry Balls:
What is it? Antiperspirant deodorant for the groin.

 If you use antiperspirant, then use this gel below the belt to ensure dry comfort all day. It is a gentle formula which is absorbed quickly to leave a healthy dusting of talc like powder. It is not perfumed but uses only essential oils. It keeps you FRESH.  

We have all been there when we have felt uncomfortably hot or sticky down below, especially in the summer or at work. It is uncomfortable and annoying so I have often wondered why no one has ever invented anti perspirant to keep guys fresh there… Luckily someone who had the ability to make such a product had the same idea and created this amazing product. There is no scent to this at all, it is just a white gel that applies easily and creates a light dusting of powder to absorb any oil. It only takes a tiny amount of product to get the job done too so it is very economical. 

I am going to use SO much of this in the summer and it would be perfect to take to festivals or for people like me who have very active and physical jobs. 

My Experience With The Products:

I have used all three of their products for several days and found them to do everything they promised. The two absolute stand out products for me are Fresh & Dry Balls and the absolutely AMAZING Sports Lubricant. These two are amazing for anyone active or who frequently works out or just someone who really likes to look after themselves. 

A huge thank you to BTB grooming for sending me the products to review and you can buy all of these products from  and follow them on Twitter at @btbgrooming 


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