Neill Gorton’s The Prosthetic Event: Review

Hey guys,
So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend The Prosthetics Event which is a small make-up artists trade show ran by renowned make-up effects artist Neill Gorton. This is the first year the event was run and featured expos, sellers, lectures and demonstrations. 
First off I absolutely LOVED the fact the event was hosted in Birmingham, I can not tell you how much of a pain in the ass it is to get to London every time I wish to go to a trade show. It makes the whole experience obscenely expensive before I have bought anything. 
As the name suggests this event revolves around prosthetic makeup, be it casualty simulation, creature design, animatronics or character makeup. There was an absolute wealth of talent on display. 

Images taken from The Prosthetics Event official Facebook Page

The demos themselves covered things like specialist character make-ups using encapsulated silicone prosthetics and animatronics. These demos were highly informative and gave everyone in attendance the chance to ask Neill questions one to one.
In terms of retailers there it certainly wasn’t IMATS however the sellers there were of high quality and had everything you could want on offer. The retailers were Mouldlife, ScreenFace London, Charles H Fox (Kryolan UK), P.A.M, Bloody Marvelous, Neill’s Materials and a few others. 
Everything there catered to the prosthetic artist or sculptor, apparently there was body art supplies but apart from a few palettes I personally didn’t see much in the way of that there. 
I really hope this event continues to grow and flourish, it is SO lovely having a trade show located centrally in a location that is NOT London. 
I certainly will attend if they decide to run another one Next year and really look forward to seeing how this event evolves and grows. 

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