Neill Gorton’s The Prosthetics Event Haul

Hey Dolls, 
So earlier today I posted a review of The Prosthetics Event (review found HERE) and I thought it would be interesting to share what I bought, why I bought it and what everything does.
Skin Illustrator Zombie Palette:
The first thing I bought was a new Skin Illustrator Palette. Skin Illustrators are solid make-ups that are activated with 99% alcohol and offer brilliant, translucent colour which looks amazing for colouring prosthetics and casualty makeups. 
I picked up the “Zombie” Palette which has some amazing mixing colours and adjusters as well as two blood tones, a bruise tone, a vein tone and a gorgeous dark blue and black. Although this palette was designed for zombie makeups it will be my go to pallette for casualty simulation as I love grungier, blue toned colours. I purchased it from ScreenFace London’s Stand for £89 however I did later see the same palette for nearly £15 cheaper at another stand. 
Go-Cast Life Casting Silicone:

This is a product I HAD to pick up, anyone serious about prosthetic makeup will know to get good quality, form fitting prosthetics you HAVE to do a life cast. Now, the traditional material has always been a product called Alginate but this product sadly has a LOT of disadvantages (it is wet so you can’t cast a lot of materials in it, you have to destroy the alginate cast to remove the lifecast and alginate warps as it dries so it has a limited shelf life) so some clever prosthetics technicians created life casting silicones which capture greater detail and the casts they take will last for years when looked after properly. 
I paid roughly £35 for the 1kg set from P.A.M. 
Monster Makers Monster Clay:
The next item I picked up from MouldLife and it is something I have wanted to try for a LONG time but I was always put off by the insane delivery charges needed to deliver a 5lbs block of clay to my door. This is a meltable, oil based clay designed for creature and prosthetic sculpture. It also apparently has a unique, elastic texture making detailing easier…and with my lack of aptitude for sculpting, anything that makes that job easier is a miracle product to me. My only regret with this product is that I bought it early on in the day and had to lug a 5lbs block of clay around with me. 
Sculpt Gel Flesh Toned: 
The next item I picked up from MouldLife is another set of Sculpt Gel. Sculpt gel is a platinum silicone of which you mix equal parts A & B (plus a little bit of part C, a silicone softener to give enhanced flexibility) and apply directly to the skin to create a variety of wounds and effects. It is one of my all time favourite materials for casualty simulation and the first thing my hand goes towards when I need to create one off wounds. I always opt for the flesh toned as although it is a weird colour it has some flocking in it so it takes less colouring later. It is one of those products that every special effects artists should have in their kit. 
Super Baldiez & Blood!!! 
The next few items I picked up from various places, the main product I am going to to talk about is Super Baldiez which is also known as encapsulator plastic. You can use this product to create (you guessed it, BALD CAPS!) or my favourite use, to encapsulate prosthetics to give you edges that literally melt into the skin. I picked this up from Neill’s materials for £29 
The next items I picked up were a couple of bottles of blood, my absolute favourite being the thick, dark blood from Bloody Marvelous, It is the best coloured blood I have EVER used in my 10 year career. 
The final item I picked up was a litre bottle of I.PA from MouldLife which I use for literally everything. I spent a small fortune at the prosthetics event but I am thrilled with everything I purchased so luckily I have no regrets! 


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