Why I Don’t Like Christmas

Both at work and online I am currently surrounded by hundreds of people talking about one thing, Christmas. A few weeks ago I got a bit ranty and posted a tweet about how Santa could go *insert rude word here* himself with a candy cane. Since then I have been called a Scrooge, a Grinch and a meany. So today I am pitching my reasons for hating Christmas. 
People at Christmas make me want to scream, hit my head against a wall and then jump in front of a bus. Manic shoppers, screaming children, rude shop staff, crazed religious nutjobs. Few things stress me out like people in “the festive spirit”. 
2: Till Add Ons!
This one really boils my blood, you finally get to the front of the mile long queue, the person on the till scans your items and then utters the dreaded words “Can I interest you in one of these at all?” NO! NO I DO NOT WANT THE CHEAP CRAP YOU ARE FAILING TO SELL. Fine, I admit businesses need to make money but when EVERY shop and EVERY till says the same thing it really annoys me. 
3: Festive Marketing!
Okay, I admit, I look forward to the John Lewis advert as much as anyone BUT there are only so many times I can live through children cuddling stuffed animals and a man in red with a white beard. Over cheerful adverts selling cheap toys and tacky gifts are the absolute bane of my life and the reason I never watch TV. 
4: Over Eager Shop Staff!
If there is one thing in life I HATE, like really HATE it is when shop staff can not take the hint. No I do not want help, yes I am content to browse. No I am not looking for a gift…NO I will not be spending money in your shop. This isn’t related to just Christmas but when stores are desperate to make as much money as possible of course they step up their sales game. The amount of times I have walked into shops and had every member of staff descended on me like a swarm of flies are countless. Nothing like feeling like a rotting steak to put you in the festive mood. 
5: Food!
I hate the fact that 364 days a year I watch what I eat with religious devotion but after Christmas I feel sluggish, bloated and heavy. It is the one time of year where everyone overeats and then we have to suffer through  the inevitable dieting adverts. 
So these are some of the many things that annoy me about the festive period, what, if anything annoys you? 
Let me know in the comments below! 


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