OCC Technopagan Lip Tar Review

Hey guys, 
Today I am reviewing a product I was SO excited to get in the mail today by my favourite make-up brand OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics). The colour in particular is from their A/W14 Unknown Pleasures collection and it is called Technopagan. 
Technopagan is a metallica lip tar. It is MUCH thicker than any other lip tar OCC have brought out previously. It is a dark eggplant purple with a bright cobalt blue metallic shimmer. It is by far my absolute favourite lip tar and hands down the stand out colour by any make-up brand this season!
It is a very unique colour that I am 99% sure there is no dupe for. Around the edges it is a warm plum purple  before turning in to a vivid, electric cobalt in the light. It is so out there and flattering for cool skins. It is gorgeous! 
As you can see from the swatch it is completely opaque and looks STUNNING in the sunlight. 
A tiny bead of Technopagan is enough to completely cover the lips. OCC lip tars also have a strong, fresh mint scent which is a welcome break from the over used MAC vanillary sweet smell. 
The only way I would fault this (and all other OCC lip tars) is that it is very drying. However it is this formula that gives them the insane durability and wear time. I also love that in the price OCC includes a mini version of their lip brush so it is (in my opinion) great value for money. 
I also think that that they are packaged in sterile squeezy packaging rather than the traditional lipstick packaging. It makes them MUCH more hygienic. 
I can not rave about Technopagan enough. It is gorgeous! 

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