What It Is Like To Work At Lush

Hello beautifuls! 
So before I crack on with todays post I just want to thank you all for helping me reach 20,000 readers. My little blog is growing at such a rapid rate it is incredible. So thank you all for your continued support. Today I thought I would answer a question I have been asked SO MUCH the last few months which is “what is it like to work at Lush?”
People who have known me a long time will know that Lush is a brand I have wanted to work for for a VERY long time. I love their ethics, their branding and most importantly their products! So when I got offered a job with them I was more than a little excited! (okay I went into Jessie J octave…) 
So to answer the question “what is it like to work at Lush?” I have to say, it is amazing. It is a lot of work and you really do have to be a people person BUT it is by far the most incredible and rewarding job you could wish for.
 To start with what some people may consider the negatives you do have to talk to complete strangers all day every day and some of them will not be nice to you and will tell you in no uncertain terms where you can stick your help and product knowledge… However that will be the same as ANY job. You also have to memorise a LOT of products and a LOT of ingredients. So if that doesn’t phase you then chances are Lush would be a great fit!
Now on to the MANY positives! 
Lush look after their staff in a way I have never seen or heard of before, they are a very caring company which is full of incredible people (more on this later). They pay you well and train you thoroughly. It is fair to say I have learnt more about skin care and product ingredients during three months at Lush than I have two years at college! 
You will develop so much as a person working with Lush, you will certainly become MUCH more confident dealing with people that is for sure. 
It is fair to say I love working at Lush more than I thought possible, it is weird how big a part of your life Lush becomes. I have spoken to a LOT of Lushies around the country and they all say the same thing. 
During my time at Lush I have met some of the most incredible, unique, lovely and at times inspirational people. I don’t think I have worked a shift where I have not cried with laughter at some point or another. 
So to answer the question “what is it like to work at Lush?” the only answer I can give is INCREDIBLE. 
If you ever get the opportunity to work for them I really recommend grabbing it with both hands.  

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