Secret Diary Of A Male Beauty Blogger (Part 2)

Hey Dolls,

So what I intended to be a monthly series turned out to be….not monthly.

This is due to many things, other posting commitments, time, a lack of interesting news and most of all a completely crippling workload that has slowly been running me under for the last few months.

However I am trying to do these types of posts more often as I am aware there is always this huge gap between content creators and their audience, it has always been my ambition to be able to connect with my readers as a person rather than just a “beauty guru”.

It all started around Halloween, of course my busiest time of year (kinda like Christmas in retail but for Make-Up Artists). The week of Halloween I was SO busy I went a whole week without having time to eat a single hot meal…No I do not need telling how dangerous or unhealthy that was but at the time it was unavoidable.

Fast forward to December, everyone is in the Christmas spirit and getting ready for the festive period, which I always find somehow lacklustre…

I am managing to get much more of a balance now between work and my personal life rather than October and Novembers 99.8% work 0.2% me. It does feel nice to have even a small amount of time to be human.

I feel very saddened that my time with Lush is coming to an end, they have been an amazing company to work for and I have loved every second of my time with them and certainly hope to work with them again in the future.

I am also pleased to be making headway with the custom tattoo design I have been trying to design for years. I always wanted something that would perfectly summarize me as a person and I believe I am on the right track now after months of creative block.

So that concludes this months update (if we can all just ignore the lack of update in September and October that’d be perfect!). All that is left to do is wish you all a very merry, happy and safe Christmas!


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