Female Weakness…?

*This post contains explicit language*
-“During my 18 years of life I have forever being told things like ‘man up’. I have been told I am ‘too girly’ too ‘feminine’  that I have the body of ‘a woman’ and that it isn’t ‘right’ for a man. “-
We all know those guys on Facebook, the ones who “banter” the ones who tell each other to “man up”, not be a “pussy” or such “queers” or “faggots.” 
I can’t say I personally notice it any more, I like so many people have grown largely immune to things people say on a daily basis. But it has lead me to wonder….why do people (including other females) assume women to be weak?
Why is a man showing what people consider feminine traits considered a sign of weakness? How does that make him “less of a man”?
 I am proud to say some of the strongest people in my life are women, especially in a climate where female sexuality is either repressed or commercially exploited. 
It makes me wonder, what causes this mental conditioning so many men are under? Partly, I am sure that a culture where things for children are labeled as for boys or girls is to blame, largely creating a gender divide at an early age. But this alone can not be the only culprit. 
As an adult man I have learnt to embrace and embody my natural femininity with pride and I dearly wish others would do the same. 
I find it repugnant and ridiculous that the cut of clothing or a style of hair can be described as either “masculine” or “feminine” so you have to question how it can be applied that a man who expresses female traits is somehow “less of a man” or more laughably that he is less sexually virile to women. 
To myself this attitude across both reality and social media is, putting it bluntly, nothing but socially acceptable sexisim.  

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