Lime Crime Serpentina Review

Hello Dolls!

I hope you all had a very happy festive break, today I am going to be reviewing a product I have been absolutely desperate to try since its launch, the unique Serpentina by Lime Crime.
First off, the packaging is insanely adorable! I am not usually one for bright colours but even I absolutely adore the packaging. It also features some of the best attention to detail!
This is continued with Lime Crimes usual pink unicorn bullet packaging. Who doesn’t love hot pink things covered in holographic dancing unicorns????
The tube itself is very heavy and feels of high quality. It actually feels sturdier than the M.A.C lipstick bullets.
Serpentina itself is a dark, true emerald green with a strong bright green pearl. I have never seen a colour like this as a lipstick before and there are NO exact dupes for this colour.
It has the same smell as the M.A.C lipsticks which surprises me slightly but it is pleasant.
On application it is creamy and instantly opaque. It is very VERY smooth and richly pigmented. I have experienced no bleeding on any of the models I have used it on which is a blessing as I fear this would look hideous smeared.
 Here you can see how insane Serpentina looks with ONE coat, no colour correction or photoshop.
It is absolutely glorious and completely unique!
It is perfect for the Alternative Dressers out there, as well as photographic makeup, drag, costume OR as a whacky statement lip.
It also partners faultlessly with Illamasqua’s Sheer Lipgloss in Violate. Giving the same rich green but a glossier finish. They look absolutely amazing together. (1000x better than Violate on its own).
I hope you all have a Happy New Year! And I will see you for my next post soon!
R.W, x


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