Isle Of Wolf Cinnamon Spice Candle Review

*This product was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at all opinions are my own.*
Hey Dolls! 
Today I am reviewing one of my favourite things in the world, a scented candle! 
I have heard a lot of good things about Isle Of Wolf and their candles so I was really excited to try one!

The packaging is absolutely beautiful! Lovely attention to detail and gorgeous design. It really looks a high quality item that would be a perfect gift.

This is how the candle is described:

“Warming scent of spices- cinnamon, cardamon, clove and orange – brings comfort down to your toes and evokes memories that gently take you to a Winter Wonderland. The fragrance lights up the atmosphere of love and happiness to enjoy magic moments of celebration.
Burning time 40 hours”
It smells AMAZING. It genuinely smells of autumn/winter to me. It smells warm, sweet, spicy and citrusy and I absolutely adore the smell. Because it is a soya wax candle it burns beautifully. Isle Of Wolf candles are scented with the finest oils and extracts and you can really tell by the fragrance! It smells completely natural and all the better for it!

Isle of Wolf are a cruelty free brand but they are also a brand of quality,
the candle (although small in size) is housed in a gorgeous black frosted glass which looks understated and stylish.

By far one of my favourite candles and definitely a brand to check out if you like nicely scented candles!
You can buy this one and all other Isle Of Wolf candles from HERE 
R.W x


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