Dream Eyes White Contact Lenses Review

*These lenses were kindly sent to me by the lovely people at www.spookyeyes.com*
Hello beautifuls!
Today I am reviewing some gorgeous lenses sent to me by SpookyEyes which is an amazing retailer of coloured contact lenses both beauty and special effects!
These particular lenses are by a company called Dream Eyes which I have used and loved for awhile now (See my review of their Natural Shine Violet Lenses HERE). They are opaque white contact lenses which look both creepy and beautiful at the same time and are available HERE 
The lenses arrived in immaculate condition and were beautifully packaged. As always the Dream Eyes packaging looks professional, sleek and sterile. Exactly what you want with contacts! 
The lenses arrive in sterile blister packaging which I ALWAYS prefer to those hideous glass vials with the razor sharp metal lids. 

The lenses look amazing in and feel SOOOOO comfortable. They are really light and quite thin so they allow your eye to breathe comfortably. They are FDA approved and have a year life span if looked after correctly! 
They are perfect for fancy dress, special occasions, nights out, or if you are a weirdo like me….casual day wear. 
These lenses also have a high water content so they keep your eyes really hydrated when wearing them, which I love! 
I never really was one for white contacts but these have really won me over! And as always www.SpookyEyes.com‘s service was exceptional! 
You can purchase these lenses here (http://www.spookyeyes.com/white-contact-lenses/white-contact-lenses-2#Specs) for $28.95. 

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