Kryolan TV Paint Stick Review

Hello beautifuls, 
I am back after a brief hiatus! 
Today I am talking about one of my all time favourite products as a makeup artist and make-up fan. The legendary TV Paint Stick by Kryolan. If you do not know who Kryolan are they are the ORIGINAL film and theatre make-up brand and they are one of the only brands on earth who formulate and make their own products (as well as the products for a ton of other brands).
TV Paint Sticks are the fullest coverage possible. They are a insanely pigmented cream foundation in stick form. They are butter soft and blend like nothing else you could imagine. 
Left 3W Right 6W

The formula is silky soft and glides onto the skin like a dream. It feels very creamy on the skin and does need to be set with a LOT of loose powder to hold it in place, but once it is set it will not go anywhere. 

Each stick offers 25ml of foundation and a little goes a long way. 

These products were designed for stage and screen use. They are very heavy and I would not recommend these for daily wear as their formula would certainly cause breakouts. 

These foundations have a HUGE history in stage and screen makeup. They are hugely popular for celebrity and drag makeup as they offer unmatched coverage and look stunning on camera. 

Here you can see how opaquely they swatch on the skin (6W Top and 3W bottom). They are a dream to contour with as they blend seamlessly making it SO easy to create highlight and shadows. 

I honestly believe these are one of the best products for makeup artists to have in their kits. Their versatility and coverage is unmatched. They are £13.50 from Kryolans website or Charles H Fox in Covent Garden. 


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