Younique Cosmetics Haul And Review.

Hello Beautifuls!
Today I am talking about a brand whose products I have heard a lot about but never gotten around to trying: Younique. I was lucky enough to be sent some of their products to review for my readers and I am overjoyed with them and completely blown away with how great they are. 
The first product I want to focus on is their Moodstruck Mineral Pigments. They are loose, mica based mineral eyeshadows which have a HUGE rainbow of colours. 
They are packaged in adorable, sturdy plastic containers with a really secure lid (vital for loose shiny pigments!) I really love the design of the packaging. It is completely different to every other loose pigment I own and it looks really sleek and sophisticated. 
The jars are fitted with secure sifter lids to control how much product your brush picks up which really helps minimise wastage. These pigments can be applied dry for a subtle pop of colour or applied with a damp brush or mixing medium for a bold “foiled” look. They are really versatile and richly pigmented. They also have a nice bold shimmer to them which adds a brightening effect to the eye. 
You can see how richly pigmented these pigments are from the swatch above. They were swatched dry onto bare skin with no primer underneath. I really like the versatility of these pigments and I adore the huge colour selection. 

The next product I am going to talk about it is the Moodstruck Precision Eyeliner Pencil in the shade Precarious which is a rich navy blue. Again, Younique has a huge colour selection of these ranging from jet black to purple and even metallic gold! 
These pencils claim to be waterproof and smudge resistant and after testing this pencil on my waterline and the top lashline of some of my clients I certainly agree with this! In terms of texture the pencil have the perfect balance of being soft and creamy enough that it is comfortable to apply but firm enough it will not break the second it touches your eye. 
This pencil is pigmented. One swipe over the skin delivers opaque colour WITHOUT dragging or pulling at the delicate under eye skin. I am so blown away with the quality of this pencil it is without a doubt my own personal favourite pencil eyeliner. 
The next two products are something that as a make-up artist I can not live or work without…LIP COLOURS. The first one is one of their Lucrative Lip Gloss colours in the shade Lethal. 
First off I LOVE the packaging. Younique have created some really cool packaging for their products but the glosses in particular look exceptional. I love the matte black cap and white font. It is a timeless design I adore. It even has a small mirror built into the back of the tube which is such a cool design idea (sadly my camera refused to pick it up at all!) 
Lethal is a strawberry red with a slight shimmer. It has a non sticky formula which applies like a dream. It is so easy to apply to the lips and provides a bold hit of colour instantly. It would look stunning over SO many reds but looks brilliant on its own too. 
As you can see from the swatch it is really pigmented and glossy and is just perfect for a statement, glossy red lip. 
The second lip product I recieved is my favourite and is also a strong contender for my favourite lip product of all time. It is called Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain
Again I love the packaging. It is travel friendly and sleek. But what I am absolutely head over heels in love with is the product itself. 
There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be stains but are glorified lipsticks or don’t last at all. This is not one of them. Younique were not kidding when they called this a lipstain. It is long lasting and absolutely beautiful. It applies very thinly and feels almost like water on the lips. However it dries very quickly and leaves nothing but colour behind. It will not transfer and is kiss resistant. 
One of the best parts with this product is you can layer the colour. You can add more than one coat if you desire a bolder, more impactful shade. Also once it is dry you can add a gloss over the top safe in the knowledge the base will not budge once the gloss has gone. 
This really is such a incredible lip product and I am going to be recommending this to my bridal clients. 
The next product is one for the complexion. It is the BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer which claims to be a  lightweight moisturizer, treatment, and creamy foundation all-in-one.
I was sent samples for three of their six shades which enabled me to trial them on different skintones. 

Left to right: Bisque, Honey & Chestnut

I am usually not a fan of BB western BB creams at all as they are nothing like their Asian counterparts and these are no exception. HOWEVER. I do really really like these. They are a really nice, highly moisturising base that would be perfect for drier skins. They give a really nice sheer-medium buildable coverage that nicely covers redness and doesn’t highlight areas of dryness. Honey is my perfect colour match and I have tried it for three days in a row. I really love how it feels on the skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for oiler skins but for someone wanting a light moisturising base this is amazing!

The next sample I received from them was their Glorious Face And Eye Primer which retails for £30 for 40ml. The first ingredient in this product is a substance called Dimethicone which is a silicone. Silicone primers are really good for creating a smoothing effect upon the skin and filling in areas of dryness or uneven texture. They also help emulsion products such as concealer or foundation glide onto the skin as silicone is commonly used as a lubricant. 

I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer. For dry or mature skin it is absolutely beautiful. It makes the skin feel so soft and products just glide over it. It also creates a really nice base for eyeshadow and under eye concealer making it a multi purpose product! 

Another sample I was sent was the Divine Daily Moisturiser. It is a really easily absorbed, refreshing and light moisturiser.  It has a lovely, cooling feel on the skin and has a non greasy formula. I love how quick it seeps into the skin and it really makes the skin look fresh and awake. 

The final product is the amazing Uplift Eye Serum. My eyes are always tired, I spend a lot of my time on computers or painting small details and I also wear contact lenses. This product is deeply moisturising. It only takes one drop to cover the lid and under the eye and it instantly delivers hydration. It really soothes tired eyes and helps minimise the appearance of fine lines. I would recommend people who wear contact lenses use this after removing their lenses as oils and contacts do not mix! I personally really adore this serum. It honestly feels like heaven. 

So, that is it for my absolutely huge Younique haul/review post! You can buy these products from

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