Spring Favourites

Hello my beautifuls! 
So I am now back to regular posting this year which I am thrilled about. I am so excited now that spring 2015  is officially upon us! Although I am an autumn/winter lover I do always look forward to the longer days of spring! 
Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things at the moment!
LUSH Cosmetics: Dirty Springwash Shower Gel. 
I am yet to be completely 100% blown away by Lush Shower products and to me spending £4.75 on 100g of shower gel borders obscene. However, I do really love the scent of Dirty Springwash. It is just perfect for the spring and summer as it has a lovely cooling and invigorating sensation on the skin. It smells of lovely fresh mint with a hint of menthol so I do use this a lot when I have a headache or cold. You can also use this shower gel as a shampoo as well but I am yet to try this. 
Embryolisse: Lait Creme Concentre.
This product is a favourite of mine all year round anyway, both personally and professionally. However I am still yet to review it on my blog (which will change soon!). I ADORE this moisturiser as it suits every skin type and has SO many uses. This moisturiser creates the PERFECT base for make-up (far superior to any silicone based primer) and makes the skin look absolutly gorgeous. It can be found in the kit of nearly every makeup artist across the world (including my own.)
M.A.C: Face & Body.
Like the Embryolisse this product is a year round favourite of mine professionally. However for the spring and summer it really is a legendary, unmatched product. Water Based and waterproof it is a sheer coverage foundation with a trick up it’s sleeve. You can alter the coverage of this foundation by really buffing it into this skin. This changes the texture taking it from sheer to medium coverage. How cool is that??! 
Illamasqua: Gleam Supernatural. 
I love cream highlighters (and cream products in general). But the Gleam Creams from Illamasqua are absolutely gorgeous. The shade Supernatural is a bronzed gold which looks gorgeous on all skin tones for a light sun kissed glow. It highlights the face beautifully and looks much more natural than powder bronzer. It looks stunning when lightly swept over the cheeks, cupids bow and brow bone with a soft, synthetic brush. 
TV: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7.
Image From logotv.com 
Take a seat Hunty. Drag Race is back for its SEVENTH season. I never watch Television but this program is an obsession of mine. I first got in to it during Season Four and was captivated by the American Drag Scene and the contestants on the show *cough* Sharon Needles *cough*. I find it amazing how one program has shaped the Drag scene worldwide and has become such a global phenomenon. Grab yourself a Cosmo, blend your TV Paint Stick Foundation and  sit down and enjoy the viewing gold that is RuPaul’s Drag Race.
 Fall Out Boy : American Beauty / American Psycho.
There is a high chance most of you will have already heard how amazing this album is. It is everywhere at the moment. It is great to see a rock band doing so well and getting so much attention and let me tell you this album is an instant classic. The vocals, production and lyrics are all completely faultless. If you haven’t heard this album I encourage you to check it out. 
YouTube: Joseph Harwood
As someone who doesn’t watch much in the way of TV and films I spend a lot of my time on YouTube. One of the things I am obsessed with is finding and watching underground or alternative talent. Someone I have been subscribed to for a long time and have been inspired by for years is the incredible Joseph Harwood. Joseph Harwood is a freelance make-up artist, model and YouTuber who produces incredible quality YouTube videos on make-up, skincare and tags. He is also a highly credible authority on makeup and skincare so I really highly recommend checking out his channel!
So that concludes this months favourites! 
I will see you soon with more content. 
Take care. 
R.W xx 

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