My Skin Peel Experience

Hello, Beautifuls! 
Today I am wanting to talk about something that has revolutionized my skin, Salicylic Acid skin peels. 
Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid which is commonly used in skin care to treat oily or blemish prone skin. Skin peels work by causing a mild trauma to the top layers of the epidermis causing the skin to heal itself, revealing fresh, new cells and clear pores. 
I do not have amazing skin. It is combination and dehydrated. This means I have areas of dryness, oiliness, break outs and dry patches. All in all it is a anatomical nightmare. So in my effort to normalize my skin tone and type I decided to try chemical peels. 
The basic principal of a chemical peel is a solution of either an alpha or beta hydroxy acid and IPA is applied on to the skin for an allotted ammount of time before being neautralized with a strong alkaline. This is repeated once a week for an allotted number of weeks. 
Skin peels are not a miracle fix by any means. However after a six week treatment I have seen a drastic transformation in the tone, condition and appearance of my skin. I would reccomend thoroughly reseaching skin peels BEFORE trying one as they can cause severe damage to the skin. Also if you intend to do a skin peel at home make sure you buy only from a trusted seller. 

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