Geisha Wigs Halloween Candy Review

Hello, Beautifuls!
Today I am reviewing a product from an absolutely incredible company called Geisha Wigs. As a make-up artist, hair stylist and Drag lover I have an obsession with wigs. Over the years I have worked with lace fonts, human hair and synthetics and I like to think I know a thing or two about what makes a good wig. 
I realised my collection was sadly lacking in colourful wigs so I did some googleing and discovered Geisha Wigs. I was blown away by the range of colours and styles and I instantly fell in love with the Halloween Candy green wig. It arrived quickly and absolutely beautifully wrapped and packaged. 
This wig is synthetic but is heat stylable up to 180 degrees. This wig is AMAZING quality. It is so full of hair it is unreal. When it is worn you can not see a single track under the hair. 
Make-Up By Robert William Make-Up Artist
The wig arrives in tight spiral curls as can be seen in the picture above. However for a drag look I wanted to create I decided to straighten the wig and backcomb it for a big, messy effect. The wig straightens beautifully. One pass with the straighteners (on 150 degrees) and the hair was instantly straight with no signs of damage. 

I love the versatility of this wig and how effortlessly it styles. It is by far the best and highest quality synthetic wig I have used in my ten-year career. I really can not rave about how awesome the service Geisha Wigs provides is. All of their wigs look SO beautiful and I honestly can’t wait to purchase more!
Check out their store at 

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