Pinky Paradise Vassen Dolly Plus Red Review

Hello, Beautifuls! 
Today I am reviewing a product which was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Pinky Paradise. Pinky Paradise is the largest online supplier of circle lenses.  
I, as a make-up artist am a large fan of wearing coloured contact lenses. I love giving my aesthetic an alternative, alien look which in my opinion, is heightened by using circle lenses.  Because of this I leapt at the chance to work with Pinky Paradise and chose to review the gorgeous looking Vassen Dolly Plus Red Circle Lenses. Because who doesn’t love red contacts??
The lenses arrived in sealed glass phials which were securely wrapped in packing foam. I was also given the single CUTEST lens case ever. I genuinely love macaroons and a blue and yellow macaroon contact lens case is just so adorable. I was also given a set of velcro hair grips which are really useful for keeping hair out of your face when applying makeup or inserting contact lenses.  
Showing the difference between the front and back of the lenses. Left: Front. Right: Back.
The colour of the lens is REALLY vibrant. I think because of how the lens is printed they suit darker eyes better. If there is such a thing as a “natural looking” bright red circle lens it is these. They really blend in with dark eyes and they give such an ethereal, vampy effect. 
These lenses have a 15mm diameter which gives a drastic enlarging effect to the eye. 
Left: Natural Eye. Right: Vassen Dolly Plus Red.

One of the most important parts of contact lenses is the level of comfort. I have worn these lenses for seven hours straight. Using rewetting eye drops roughly every three hours. It is fair to say these are by far the most comfortable pair of contact lenses I have worn. They feel almost invisible in my eye.

I love how well these lenses blend in with my natural eye colour, as well as how comfortable they feel. These have become one of my all time favourite contact lenses and I can not recommend them enough! They arrived in ten days which is incredibly fast. 
If you order from Pinky Paradise enter the code mrgothinista at checkout to receive a free lens case and a mystery gift with your order! The coupon code is stackable, meaning the more lenses you order the more cases and gifts you will receive! 



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