Spooky Eyes White Manson Contact Lenses Review

*Disclaimer: Although I did not pay for these lenses my opinion is my own and this review is honestly written. I would NOT put my name or recommendation to a product I did not love*

Hello, Dolls! 
Today I am reviewing a product from one of my favourite stores SpookyEyes.com.
Spooky Eyes sell some AMAZING Coloured Contact Lenses  and I opted to get the amazing White Manson Lenses by Dream Eyes. 

The lenses arrive in a sealed cardboard box with each lens packaged in a secure, foil sealed blister pack. I really like this kind of packaging as it means there is far less room for breakage in transit and you don’t have to deal with the razor sharp metal lids that traditional glass vials have.

The lenses have a diameter of 14.5mm and a base curve of 8.6 which is a perfect size for me.
These lenses have a year long life span from opening which means you get amazing value for money with them!

Now on to the most important parts of the review, the comfort and aesthetic of the lenses in the eye.

Closeup of lenses in natural sunlight.
Lenes in natural sunlight 
Basic, slightly rushed Gothic make-up coupled with the White Manson Lenes by Dream Eyes From Spooky Eyes.
The lenses look REALLY bright in. They are highly  opaque and fully cover my natural eye colour for a highly dramatic, creepy effect. 
The Manson style of lens lends itself really well to gothic/alternative fashion looks as well as Halloween and clubbing. 

These lenses are FDA Approved and meet IOS International Standards. They have a water content of 42% making them REALLY comfortable and ultra hydrating in the eye. I had to use rewetting drops very infrequently throughout the day when wearing these lenses and I have very dry eyes normally.

These lenses are amazing for grabbing attention and I feel they offer a lot of versatility for costumes or high impact make-ups!

I personally love these lenses and am blown away with how comfortable they are!

You can purchase these lenses for $28.95 USD (£20.30 GBP) HERE and feel free to check out the amazing selection of coloured contact lenses SpookyEyes.com offers!


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