Miss Fame: Beauty Marked Album Review

When thinking of the future of Drag as an art form there are very few queens who push Drag in a different direction as much as the transcendentally beautiful Miss Fame.
Miss Fame is a make-up artist, model, performer and musician based in New York and recently competed on the seventh season of the Logo series RuPauls Drag Race where she wowed viewers with her “Beyond this planet beautiful” aesthetic. She has just released her first album titled Beauty Marked.
Beauty Marked was released during a time where EVERY Ru-Girl had some form of album/single/video to promote. However Miss Fame has managed to create an album which doesn’t sound like just another drag album.
The first thing we noticed upon our first listen of this album, is how high the production value is. Everything feels very slick. Every beat and note is very precise and atmospheric. In terms of sound, this album has a wonderful, retro, early Madonna vibe which reeks of quality and opulence.
Beauty Marked has a very diverse array of sounds and tempos. Rubber Doll, Miss Fame (feat Alaska Thunderfuck), Zero Gravity and I Run The Runway (feat Violet Chachki) are all fast tempo electronic numbers with relentlessly catchy lyrics. They would not sound out of place in any club and the production value is incredible.
For a drag album Beauty Marked is filled with slowed down tracks. Diamond Life, Solid Gold, Smoke & Mirrors, All We Are Is Magic and Give Me Glamour are slow tempo, haunting tracks which sound very reminiscent of early Madonna. The sparse, modern beats serve as a seductive backdrop for Fames vocals and really set Beauty Marked apart from other releases.
Vocally this album is very solid. Miss Fame delivers her vocals very confidently and it really shows in each track. However, it is lyrically where Beauty Marked REALLY shines. Every song tells a story and each lyric is well crafted and polished until it gleams.
Top Tracks:
Rubber Doll, Miss Fame (feat Alaska Thunderfuck), All We Are Is Magic, InstaFame.

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