Violet Chachki SLAYS In Vanguard Video

When it comes to drag artists having a strong aesthetic, few can touch the winner of Season 7 of RuPauls Drag Race; Miss Violet Chachki. Her unique, Bondage/Beauty aesthetic and tiny waist wowed the audience as did her debut single, the raunchy and provocative: Betty. (Anyone else left with a weird complex about jello after watching it?)
The starlet has just released her second single, titled Vanguard.Which is off of her newly released EP called GAGGED. (Review to follow). 
The video is a visual masterpiece with outfits to die for, insane levels of creativity and …fight choreography. Unlike many of the cliche drag music videos Vanguard does not feature twerking Andrew Christian models, instead it goes for provocative imagery and a detailed story arch.

It is also lovely to see some of Violet’s aerial skills, one for the people who say the reigning queen lacks talent. Vanguard is a masterpiece and is certainly the best video to come from a drag race contender.

Come through, Miss Violet! 


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