RUSK Deepshine Direct Colour Review

Hi darlings,

I am really excited to talk about a range of gorgeous direct dyes from the salon brand RUSK. I am a big fan of RUSKS styling and hair care lines and was really excited to try their range of semi-permanent dyes.

When it comes to creative coloring hair I have tried every major brand out there and I have always sworn by Manic Panic. Their creamy, richly pigmented conditioning formula is what I judge every other brand off of so I had very high expectations for the RUSK dyes.

“RUSK’s Deepshine Direct is a ready-to-use cream that saturates hair with vibrant colour for bold, vivid results. The unique cream formula allows multiple colours to be precisely applied across the same strand for creative effects. Advanced Marine Therapy complex leaves hair full of condition with incredible shine. Apply straight from the tube – no developer required. Lasts up to 20 shampoos. Ammonia free.”


I used both orange and red on my partners bleached level 9 hair and just the red on my own. I found the texture of the colour to be almost gel like during application which I actually really enjoyed. The colours also really do blend beautifully together.


One downside is these dyes are VERY heavily fragranced. Both my partner and I experienced headaches after using these dyes. It is a very strong, sweet bubblegum scent which you can not escape from. Especially when it is on your head for over half an hour.

These dyes give such gorgeous vivid results, the colour is vibrant, intense, glossy and the hair feels nourished. I love how the formula rinsed out with zero bleeding. The hair felt so soft and it had really deeply nourished the hair.

I really love how these dyes perform, but they are very far from long lasting. After one wash with an excellent colour protecting shampoo, both my fiance and I experienced at least a 30% colour loss.

These dyes are very vivid and glossy, perfect for impactful colour with less commitment or editorial shoots, but for day to day bright colour I will be sticking to Manic Panic for myself and my clients.

Have you tried the RUSK Deepshine Direct Colours? How did they perform on your hair? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to know if it is just our hair porosity.




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